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What are Oil Pastels ?

Oil Pastels originated in Japan in the early 1920's .  The Sakura Cray Pas company was founded and became a commercial success. European manufacturers started  to catch on .  In 1947, Pablo Picasso convinced French manufacturer Henri Sennelier to produce a high quality Oil Pastel for professionals artists. Thus the Sennelier brand was born.  Sennelier Oil pastels are still regarded to this day as the Finest quality oil pastel on the market. 

Oil Pastels


  • Oil pastels are a painting/drawing mediium. Quite versatile, oil pastels can be used to draw with but one can also "paint" with them and produce amazing paintings that rival traditional oil paintings, and just like oil painting, they can be diluted with solvents and used in collaboration with traditional oil paints. 

Master Oil Pastel Artist


Since 2012, I have been specializing in Oil Pastels.  It has become a goal of mine to "master" this medium. The versatility is unlike any other medium I have used, and have learned how to create masterful works.