How I got here...

I’ve always been fascinated by art and drawing since early childhood. I have very clear memories of painting with watercolor at my grandparents kitchen table. In Junior high school I was voted best artist of my class.  I even dreamed of one day going to an Art school. 

Things in life don't always go like you want. I ended up at community college after high school and from there dropped out and joined the workforce.  I had met a girl, and we fell in love and started our family. Young, naive and scraping by, I sold and gave away all my art supplies.  For the next 12-13 years i didn't paint or draw anything. No art in my life.

Right around my early thirties, I start craving it again.

During this time, I worked at a University that allowed staff to take classes, so long as your supervisor was ok with it. My boss gave me the green light and I enrolled in beginner painting class. That got the ball rolling for me again, and I started up with Acrylics.  I painted off and on and kept it as a hobby.

I then moved into oils and painted several paintings. Again, this was when I had time. Raising a family and work was priority. 

Right around 2010 I got into pastels, and that led me to oil pastels. A drawing medium but with similar properties as oil paint. I viewed it as "paint in stick form", and naturally took to it. I could see myself doing more and more oil pastel work.

Since 2017 I have been laser-focused on mastery of oil pastels,  and have produced hundreds of finished oil pastel paintings. Consistency, dedication, and a strong drive to do my best keeps me going. That and because I absolutely love what I do. Love + Consistency = Success. 


I aim to bring you masterful works at an affordable price. 

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