Frequently asked questions

How often do you paint?

  • I'm in my studio everyday, and average 4 paintings a week.

I've heard that Oil Pastel artwork doesn't dry. How true is that? 

  • That is a myth and not completely true. It does take a few months  for oil pastel to harden and dry to the touch. I've demonstrated their remarkable durability in a YouTube video HERE.

What is the difference between soft/hard pastels and oil pastels?

  • Oil pastels are made with a binding wax and mineral oil. In use, the oil pastel adheres to the surface more firmly than soft or dry pastel. And there is no dust!

Can you use oil paints and oil pastel in the same artwork.

  • Yes you can. Oil paint should be applied first and allowed to dry. Then it's possible to lay in Oil Pastel over the top. It's also possible to use the Oil Pastel first (diluted with solvents) as a sketch, then oil paint over the top.

What is the difference between artist grade and student grade oil pastels?

  • Student grade oil pastels contain more wax and less pigmentation than the artist grade brands. They are also harder and more difficult to blend. Artist grade oil pastels are softer, creamier and feel more like lipstick. I use all artist grade oil pastels for my work.